State Employee Personnel Reform Moving Forward!!!

The Governor’s State Employee Personnel Reform which has been incorporated into House Bill (HB) 2571 by way of a “strike everything” amendment has started moving forward through the legislature. The FOP and others have testified against this reform. This reform bill is several hundred pages long. A few of the major points include the removal of the Law Enforcement Merit System Council (LEMSC). LEMSC would be replaced with a new board of five Governor appointed members. This board would not be able to modify and agency’s issued discipline. this discipline would be allowed to be arbitrary and capricious This board would initially not have any written rules to follow.

Civilian employees would become “at will” employees and could be fired without any reason without any appeals process. “RIF” rules would be scrapped and the Director would be forced to only used evaluations,not seniority, for any future RIF.

The FOP believes that our civilian employees need to remain in “covered” positions and have appeal rights. The FOP is working with the AHPA against this personnel reform.

Please contact your state legislators to respectfulley tell them why you think this legislation is not good for Arizona.